Sometimes we push too hard, place heavy burdens on our shoulders & suffer in silence. We ignore the gentle call of our soul, the inner compass that will never lead us astray.

Sadly, our ego shouts & clamours for our attention. It’s weapons of guilt, shame & obligation are hurled at us dare we question another’s motives. We find ourselves caught in someone else’s vision of who we are supposed to be. Some of us are in too deep & have become too entrenched in negative belief systems to awaken. For those of us that are waking up, it’s one hell of a painful process. 

For in doing so you will incur the wrath of those you have “wronged”.

You will hear statements such as “you used to be so caring”, “You’ve changed..” , “What’s gotten in to you?”

Or the best one…”Who do you think you are?”.

Awakening to your truth, means stepping into your power. As you step into your power you learn to define your personal boundaries, as you begin to place a value on your time & energy….all hell will break loose! 

For Ms./Mr. Reliable worm has started to turn & the one sided relationships around you will be exposed for exactly what they are. Truth can hurt like a bitch.

There’s no worse pain than the sting of betrayal, to be rejected / frozen out by those you love, simply because you refuse to jump through the hoops they placed before you. 

You have a choice…

You can either relent “for a quiet life”, or you can begin the process of defining your boundaries, for when you begin to step back…the gift of perspective will find you. The fog of confusion will lift. 

There’s no point in looking for a quick fix, you can’t stick sellotape over a severed artery! 

Your courage has always been there silently waiting. The ego creates an illusion around you that you have lost your power, nothing could be further from the truth. 

It’s time to ask yourself some tough questions….who am I? 

Try to define it without saying what you do…..I asked you who you are? 

Lost for words…did you catch yourself mid-thought? 

You are an amazing sentient soul.  You deserve to be loved. To be missed. To be cherished. 

Stop wasting your energy on trying to prove your love to those who are so unworthy of you. Awaken to your greatness. Stop letting fear dictate your life’s course. The true map of life is unchartered….as it’s your life! 

Your compass awaits instruction, step outside your comfort zone & follow its magnetic pull….

©Fiona Ní Mhuirri


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