The island of Ireland is preparing to do battle with an unseen enemy.
This tiny nation has to do what’s best for it’s citizens.
We all need to remember who we are as a people. The measures taken will ensure our safety & we will not starve. Our elderly & vulnerable must be protected. It’s up to us to ensure this.
The news will bombard us with frightening statistics & end of days scenes.
Please use your common sense.
We are going to get through this.
We will get through it even better if we look out for each other.
A viral clip of Italian residents singing from all their houses on to the streets, showed the resilience of the human spirit.
Fear will only divide us.
The measures our governments are taking are to ensure our safety. Life will go on. Albeit, Differently but we all must step up.
Remember who you are.
Know that your ancestors blood, that flows through you survived wars, famine, poverty & worse.
You are here today because of that.
Remember your strength.
We all need to take a collective deep breath…..and release.
Every news release carries anxiety peppered throughout.

We will not run out of loo roll!

Let elders go in front of you in the queue, they are scared & don’t have the immunity younger adults possess.
Check in with friends / family members that could be auto immune compromised.
We need to work together, for it is by working together that we will get through this.
Host watch parties on Facebook, have family / friend WhatsApp chats! Finish that book / jigsaw / box set you’ve put to one side. For those more industrious….get the paintbrushes out & give your home a makeover!
Self isolation does not have to be lonely when you know you are surrounded by love.
Never forget the blood that flows through your veins. We are the living descendants from the great famine. Our ancestors pulled through the worst form of ethnic cleansing ever seen on this island.
We come from strong stock.
It’s time to close your door & open your heart.
You got this….

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

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