One of the most regular questions I am asked is “Will I meet my Soulmate?” I feel I need to clarify what having a soulmate in your life means.

One things for sure, it ain’t the romantic Hollywood stereotype most people envisage! Firstly we have many soulmates!

A soulmate does not have to be a romantic partner either, just someone who has massively influenced/ impacted your life. A soulmate comes into your life to help you fulfill your divine purpose.

All our lessons are different. What comes easy to one person can be a struggle for another. Our lessons come in many guises, for example you can only learn the virtue of patience by having it tested or the virtue of courage by being faced with adversity.

There is an intense , passionate connection with soulmates. Sadly, with these intense feelings also are intense opinions.

Soulmates press each others buttons, yes we placed those buttons there to begin with, but one look from your soulmate will either turn you on or will wind you up!!!

Communication is the key for these relationships to succeed. If two soulmates can navigate the tricky seas of past scars of rejection, broken trust, fear of commitment, control issues together by sharing their feelings in an open , non judgmental manner they are destined for success.

Make no mistake a soulmate relationship in its power is a very beautiful sight to behold. We all know a couple who are meant to be together and also a couple who constantly bicker.

The latter is the negative aspect of the soulmate relationship . It becomes a power struggle . The need to be constantly right, the co-dependent relationship, the passive aggressive relationship.

These issues can be worked through but they take two people who both want to stay together to make this happen.

Soulmates can be friends too. You could have a friend that was as close (perhaps even closer ) as a family member and they could betray you in a way you could not believe them capable of. This is also true of friends who come into our lives to help when we most need it!

These individuals are from our soul circle & we have known them over many lifetimes. They assist us in mapping out our life-chart and make an appearance where help or a life lesson is required.

Again with our gift of free will we can choose to become victims or martyrs to the cause, or we can see it simply as a valuable lesson & move forward with our lives.

For the soulmate card to wander into your life today, if your single it means a great passionate love is coming. Buckle your seatbelt, stay true to who you are & do not lose yourself in another before you are sure of their intentions.

If you are smiling sagely as you’re already in one, keep those communication lines open, don’t let issues build up, make time for each other.

Lastly , if you’re just out of a soulmate relationship. Take heart you will love again just as passionate & intensely as before. You need to take time to heal your heart & rebuild your self esteem. Acknowledge the lesson that came about with this relationship & begin to look to the future. Don’t focus on what you don’t want in a relationship, focus on what your heart yearns for. One things for sure, life with a soulmate is never dull!!

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

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