I want to talk about bullies….

Bullies are usually incredibly insecure individuals who lift themselves up by bringing others down.

The gossip on your street who discusses your business behind your back. The office bully who uses their position as leverage.

Teenage girls hiding behind a group chat of slander. Cardboard gangsters thinking there’re the next white version of Tupac filming young teenagers being beaten in a car so they can look good….

Most of you will nod your head reading this…but what would you do if it was your son or daughter being bullied or the bully? Would you share/ tag the video?

Would you spread the gossip?

Would you step in?

By sharing/tagging the memes/ snapchats/ screenshots YOU ARE COMPLICIT.

By standing by as another human no matter what age gets publicly humiliated YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY. So what do you do?

If it’s on Facebook report immediately as any form of violence is against their standards. If you recognise the person….fuck your….you ok Hun? Text Ring the relevant authorities

Take screenshots

If you know the names of the bullies don’t assume the family do. Contact them. Volunteer information.

There are too many young people dying through suicide, for their horrified family to find out afterwards that their beautiful child was being picked on.

If you work in an office and witness it…don’t thank your lucky stars it’s not you. Stand up for that person. The more you do…others will follow. It takes courage.

It takes integrity.

It’s frightening.

Yet no one can take your strength of character from you.

The victim who is the target of the bully will know people cared enough to speak up. It creates a chain reaction. A school policy is founded, a hr regulation gets passed and a community comes together to defend their young against the dredges of humanity. End the silence.

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

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