On my holidays with the mammy..Loving endless days filled with books, croissants & coffee.

Mum & I found a sheltered spot to read our books each morning.

The hotel cat also found us and proceeded to jump onto my lap & begin an intense grooming process of herself much to my amusement.

After she received much cuddles, she retired to the end of the sofa for a snooze.

I immersed myself in my book, to only witness a stream of different hotel guests, from different nationalities & many different languages….coo & fuss over my new feline friend. It was so heartwarming to see. Even though we didn’t speak the same language, we all understood each other perfectly. We all thought she was a complete character and brought all of us that are owned by furry familiars (and missing them) together……

Love is truly a universal language❤️

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

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