I listened as the applause rang out from balconies, streets & terraces. Giving thanks & solidarity behind our frontline staff.
An invisible enemy is amongst us. Terms such as social distancing, cocooning & flattening the curve have become ingrained into
Our mindsets.
Frightening statistics from Italy & Spain. Nightly reports on casualties & deaths.
Yet the world rose up.
In times of darkness look for the helpers….. and they came. Our diaspora flew home, Irish doctors & nurses coming from all over the world. Clothing factories started manufacturing scrubs, gin
Factories starting making hand sanitizer. Crowd funding starting to sponsor meals for frontline staff. Customers started buying vouchers from small businesses. Instagram exploded with live streams. Artists around the world started live streaming concerts from home. Yoga teachers gave free classes. Teachers provided online tutorials. Makeup artists gave demos, life coaches gave tips on managing anxiety & our social media consumption.
Our pets became our sanity. As there’s nothing that lifts your spirits, like the contented purring of a cat or giving a belly rub to your faithful dog.

Ireland currently feels as if we are on a splash mountain rollercoaster ride & the gears are cranking up as we reach the top. We are all holding our collective breath as we wait for the surge.
In this time of waiting there is life. Babies are being born. Elderly are being prioritised.
I feel every supermarket after Corona times should have designated times for it’s elders.
They deserve our respect.
My heart is bursting with pride for my country right now.
I know we will get through this & I know we will come out of this with an even stronger sense of who we are as a nation. A massive awakening is happening around the world.
We carry all service workers in our hearts. You are our brothers , sisters , mothers, fathers, nieces , nephews, aunts & uncles.
We are indebted to you all.
Our doors may be closed but our hearts are open.
Whatever the storm brings it will not break our spirit.

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

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