I’ve attempted to write about Covid many times over the last few months, as the world collectively battled the unseen, Only to see it become visible on statistics and daily diagnostic charts. 

I watched in horror as a wave of conspiracy theorists corrupted minds. Protests about wearing masks, erupted as an undercurrent of pent -up frustration boiled over. Folks sick to the back teeth of waiting & watching loved ones die….forced to watch this stupidity play out in real time. We are all acutely aware that we are living in actual history that will be documented, just as the famine times & great plagues befell humanity before.

How do we boil down the macro to the micro? 

 Washing hands, wearing masks, social distancing…

Before I leave my house I always check car keys, purse, house keys…oh me mask! 

We have this obsession with being sound feckers. What if your actions are endangering others? 

We naturally assume the people closest to us are not a threat. Yet, in homes across the country covid is being spread directly from loved one to loved one. 

I’ve noticed a growing suspicion regarding the Covid app. Several people I know commented how “they were not allowing the government to track their movements”.

Has the world gone mad? 

The answer to this is simple.


Fear can have very different affects on us as a species. We all have an inbuilt fight or flight instinct within us.

There are those of us who spring to the frontline and head toward danger and others who do their best to get as far away as possible from the impending threat. It depends on your programming.

We are living in the age of mass misinformation. 

No longer are sources of ‘news’ reliable. If you are watching your national news or reading a publication there are international guidelines on reporting & sources that must be adhered to. However anyone with a smartphone can record their opinion.

Opinions are not facts. 

I’m going to shout this louder for those in the back….





Watch ‘The social Dilemma’ on Netflix. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It shows how you can fall down the rabbit hole of social media. 

Which brings me back to the micro. What can we do, in the present moment to live our lives as humanity battles this pandemic & economic markets teter on the brink. 

I can only suggest what has worked for me. If it can help at least one of you…my work here is done! 

Follow the guidelines (We all have collective pains in our arses washing our hands / wearing masks etc but it works!) 

Limit your news outlet sources to one

Limit how many times you watch the news etc 

Develop a healthy system in your household & make it fun. Hand sanitizer at front door , regularly spraying handles/ surfaces etc.

Routine. If it’s a daily walk, meditation , box series , podcast. Get a structure going.

Look after your mental health. It’s ok not to be ok

Check in on your strong friends as well as your sensitive ones. 

Loneliness effects us all at some point. Connect. Talk. Reach out. 

If you’re up to it. De-clutter. Take your collective power back by achieving victory over small tasks. 

Make your bed every day! Trust me…you feel organised already! 

Try develop a meditative / mindful practice. It could be listening to a guided meditation. Doing an online yoga class or breath work. A simple walk can completely change your mood. Which leads me to my next point 

Exercise. Lots of us are now working from home or stuck at home due to the restrictions. Try to get some movement in each day. 

Know that this is not permanent. This is a transient lesson we are all learning together. This will end. 

Be kind. Judging others online or in real life is a reflection on your character. Ask yourself what your shadow is trying to tell you? It may be time to heal unresolved issues of jealousy , resentment etc. Each time we Make a judgement or pass remark we invoke the mirror parallel……what is really going on in our owns lives?

Lastly, Making our homes cosy, snug & getting a good nights sleep can make a world of a difference to your attitude. Get your phone out of the bedroom. Develop a sleep routine.

Lastly , tell the people you love that you love them. Now more then ever x 

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