Spring is in the air! I love seeing golden daffodils waving in the wind & lambs prancing in the fields. The longer stretch in the evenings & the promise of summer around the corner. 

I love seeing new life bursting forward in my faery garden. The winter cleanup begins and the prepping & planting for Summer begins. 

It’s wonderful to see everyone mixing again as the shackles of the pandemic are being well & truly shaken off. 

It’s a great time to enroll in a new hobby or course. 

Travel agents are reporting a surge in bookings this year as we collectively exhale and look forward to living once more! 

The pandemic affected our mental health, our ability to cope and our social skills took a nosedive. Every day I see the effects of it in my clients. People have become virtual recluses in their own homes. Happily interacting online and occasionally interacting with family but the outside world is outside their comfort zone. 

Apps such as tik tok make you feel as if you are interacting with the world, due to the constant stream of humanity you are exposed to. 

The danger is, these apps keep us from experiencing life. We are bearing witness to others’s experiences but not having the time to create our own.

A simple ten minute walk outside can help calm your nervous system, trying something new fires up the brain to create new neurological connections. Our Ego does not want us stepping into our power and it will try everything & anything to make us feel numb & apathetic. 

It’s time you began to step out of your comfort zone as it could slowly be killing you. Nothing will happen to you inside of a comfort zone , but that’s precisely it….


You deserve to be happy. It’s time to make plans no matter how small. It could be a decision to do your grocery shop in person instead of online or take back up an old hobby / sport that brought you joy. 

There is adventure in the air this month. It’s time you put yourself in the driving seat and chose joy! 

Have a good month! 



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