January Faery Blog. 

Let’s begin this year with a little Mercury in retrograde? Shall we? 

Ah sure why not! 

The collective groan I hear from the Faerytribe each time I give a heads up on our aul gangster Mercury! It’s in the sign of Capricorn this month! So expect to find yourself weighing up your purchases and financial decisions. 

That woolly feeling in your head is not a Christmas hangover but that sense of ditziness that M.R. Tends to cast their shadow over! 

I mean, it’s one way to begin a year with a bang! 

I start to twitch after Christmas and start looking for cupboards to declutter or clothes to donate. M.R. is actually a perfect time to do this in. So, if we put a positive spin on it…it’s actually helping us get our proverbial shit together? Still will me? 

The best advice I can give you when Mercury goes retrograde is to surrender! Go with the flow! 

Fail to prepare- prepare to fail! 

Prepare for several eventuality’s , 

Have backups of data , take screenshots of bookings or arrangements. 

Don’t get to hung up about times or specifics or M.R. Gremlins will have so much FUN with you. Just yell.. ‘Plot Twist!!’

and move forward. Keep moving forward. You might feel as if someone has your image on a voodoo doll and is currently making it do the Hokey Cokey on an important work email that simply will not send. 

Save it and try a different device – email it to another person and print from their side etc. 

Be flexible. 

Since it sets the tone for the year ahead I feel be flexible is going to be my mantra. I’m going to roll with it! If anyone needs me I will be in my cave until the light of February shines in my Door…..! 

This was the point I was going to finish this blog post and it didn’t sit right with me. For there’s a completely different group of people who have just survived their first Christmas without a loved one, or have battled through the holidays with a family member with addiction. 

We are in a cost of living crisis and for many, drastic changes had to be made to suit astronomical utility charges. 

It’s just shit. 

And it’s ok. 

I’m not ok with things being shitty, but what I’m saying is that life is far from perfect. 

There will be good times that we will use as kindle close to our hearts, to help us weather the bad times. 

If your Christmas was far from festive. You made it through the other side. Make a mental checklist of the people you could count on and also if you yourself need to reach out etc. 

we are all highly intelligent emotional species that can imprison ourselves in our own minds.  

We need to connect. We are hardwired for it. The biggest illusion that exists is that we are separate from each other. 

There is so much more that we have in common, so many fears & joys that unite us. 

The more I experience this human condition, the more I feel that isolation inside our own minds causes untold damage. 

The ego will constantly try and make you feel paranoid , envious, outraged, angry, fearful etc and you will act out accordingly as your triggers cause you to lash out…

It’s a vicious cycle.  Life events can happen that cause trauma. Each of us processes that trauma differently. What heals one can poison another. 

We all have different breaking points.  What is frustratingly difficult for one person is a walk in the park for another. What is death to the fly is a meal to the spider! 

I don’t do new year resolutions. 

I make active promises to myself and I don’t set a date on them! 

This year I’m continuing my journey to health & strength. 

It is my deepest wish that you know that your loved ones in spirit are guiding you every step of the way as you walk this path in life. There are no wrong turns just lessons or opportunities for growth! 

Athbhlian faoi mhaise Daoibh go léir Tréimhse na Sióga! 

Happy New Year Faerytribe! 



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