Mercury is Retrograde in Capricorn. 

It’s here! We end one year and begin 2023 with Mercury in poxy retrograde! Just lovely! 

Venus has a strong influence and you may feel a pull toward sorting out all your issues & tissues in your interpersonal & romantic relationships. As it’s in the sign of Capricorn you may be looking at scaling things down. It’s time to reevaluate. 

You don’t need lots of friends, only one good one. For my singles. Can you be arsed? It’s time to either agree to a date or cut & run! Lukewarm responses are a no go for you this year! No response is a response! It’s either all or nothing for you this year. 

Capricorn is sensible in terms of career & finance so you may be looking at saving your money. Career wise bide your time for the right moment. Act in haste repent at leisure should be your mantra this retrograde! 

Expect the usual retro gremlins- 

Double check important details 

Re-read contracts

Seek clarification where necessary. 

If you wouldn’t say it their face, for the love of god don’t put it in a text message! 

Walk away from drama Llamas! You know the ones! Great for a bit of scandal but as soon as your back is turned the focus is on you! She who bitches to you about others- bitches to others about you! 

Expect emails to go missing – texts to disappear, nonsense with technology and all the usual fu😳😳ry that goes with M.R….

Mercury was the winged messenger of the gods. All forms of communication from your whatsapp to your phones could act up. Timetables can shift. Rota’s can change mysteriously or booked leave can get lost in a clerical error. Screenshot- backup – save…where you can! 

However with all the mind fog & paranoia aside…retrogrades can be great for decluttering, clearing & sorting! Get that Christmas tree down , clear that clutter out. It’s a great time to tackle jobs that are about clearing your energy or are more physical in nature! Such as blitzing the house etc! Mercury will be in retrograde for 3 weeks and goes direct on January 18th 2023. 

So think twice, don’t react and try not to take everything so personally! It’s time to Blame it all on the planet Mercury!!! 

Fiona x 


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