Faeryscopes for July 2024

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Choose your words carefully this month. Send reminders and cc those emails. Set healthy boundaries and limit your expectations. Being realistic this month will lead to future success.

Lucky Day 15th July

Lucky Crystal: Sodalite

Allow the sun to soak your weary bones this month. It’s time to rest and pace yourself. A garden DIY project or rest day brings much needed respite. Send your messages to voicemail and do a digital detox. Step away from the rat race!

Lucky Day: 10th July

Lucky Crystal: Citrine

Sometimes people can really test your patience. You may end up giving a few home truths to the clueless few. Do not suffer fools this month. You may have to prioritise your needs. Do not feel guilty for doing so.

Lucky Day: 26th July

Lucky Crystal: Tigers Eye

It’s all systems go this month Cancer! You’re on a mission to get things done and are not afraid to let people know! They can either get out of your way or you will go through them for a short cut! Decluttering your home or inbox will set the tone for the month ahead!

Lucky Day: 15th July

Lucky Crystal: Aquamarine

You may need to face a few of your demons this month Leo. Do not let your triggers control you or become so reactive people feel like they are walking on eggshells around you. Face the issue head on and don’t be afraid to ask for help…

Lucky Day: 25th July

Lucky Crystal:  Flourite

If someone is giving you mixed signals, remove yourself from the picture. Ambiguity is a message. It’s either a hell yes or hell no this month! A helpful stranger gives perspective

Lucky Day: 30th July

Lucky Crystal: Black Obsidian

Walk away from people and situations that no longer serve you. If respect isn’t being served

At the table, it’s not your table!

Actions speak louder then words. Don’t tell me, show me what you can do!

Lucky Day: 21st July

Lucky Crystal:  Ruby

Your passionate side may flare up this month. Backup your data , so if someone messes up there’s proof or data to back it up! Ask for forgiveness instead of permission. Get things done your way!

Lucky Day: 22nd July

Lucky Crystal: Smoky Quartz

There could be holidays planned or a well deserved

Break heading your way. Planning is key. Do not allow stressing about small things or issues that are outside your control to ruin your day.

Lucky Day: 28th July

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

You will be feeling motivated to get things done this month. Design a check list of things you need to do and things you would like to get done and try and achieve a balance between the two. All work and no play makes for one unhappy Faery!

Lucky Day: 29th July

Lucky Crystal: Amethst

Get out in nature this month. Ground your energy. Look after your mental health. Are you hydrated? Listen to your body as it is telling you what it needs. If you don’t take time to listen your body will choose….

Lucky Day: 14th July

Lucky Crystal: Hematite

If you’re single be careful if an old flame reappearing. It could be the same issues on repeat. Don’t be afraid to challenge unacceptable behaviour in others. Do not let your standards drop this month. You deserve to be happy and drama free!

Lucky Day: 25th July

Lucky Crystal: Malachite

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