Faeryscopes for May 2022

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This month will see you acknowledge signs from Spirit. It could be all around you. It could be the feather, Robin or the rainbow. Know your loved ones in Spirit are guiding you this month and want you to achieve your goals. Have you asked for a sign?

Lucky Day: 21st May

Lucky Crystal: Jade 

Faerystone: Pentagram 

It’s ok, not to be ok. Some months you need to lie low to take in everything that has happened and be gentle with yourself.  Patience is a virtue and know that this time you’re facing will soon turn around for you. New opportunities and new beginnings are just around the corner. 

Lucky Day: 17th May

Lucky Crystal:  Ruby

Faerystone: Sad Face

This month will see you set healthy boundaries. No, is a full sentence! It’s time for you to be direct and assertive. Seize the day!

Lucky Day: 22nd May

Lucky Crystal: Diamond

Faerystone: Raven

You may have been let down recently. Please do not  project that onto other good people around you. Draw a line under it, learn the lesson and move forward all the wiser from your experience. People will change, but energy never does!

Lucky Day:  18th May

Lucky Crystal: Aventurine

Faerystone: Broken Heart

Good luck and fortune is on the way this month. It’s a great time for you to manifest and to look forward to the abundance that is winging its way to you. Know you are worthy of good things and it’s time for the sun to shine its light on you. 

Lucky Day: 21st May

Lucky Crystal: Sodalite

Faerystone: Shamrock

You may have encountered disappointments and setbacks recently. Know that this is only temporary, but you will need to be patient and hold back. Victory is assured, but it may take a little while longer than you had hoped. Don’t give up.

Lucky Day: 28th May

Lucky Crystal: Tiger’s Eye

Faerystone: Broken Heart

It may be time to get assertive and direct with those around you. This month sees you communicate clearly and consistently. It’s time to push onward and upward. 

Lucky Day: 22nd May

Lucky Crystal: Citrine

Faerystone: Storm Cloud

This Faerystone is about patience and delays. You may have to go back to the drawing board regarding an issue, or seek further clarification, or have to reapply, in some way shape or form with a legal document. Patience is key here. The devil is in the detail.

Lucky Day: 19th May

Lucky Crystal: Aquamarine

Faerystone: Blank

You may have a gut feeling that something isn’t sitting right. There may be some form of dishonesty around you at present. Don’t be afraid to call it out and act on your gut. This month sees you being very driven and honest. A strong handshake is essential this month.

Lucky Day: 20th May

Lucky Crystal: Fuchsite

Faerystone: Eye of Isis

The stork heralds new beginnings all around you. Know that blessings are on the way and good things come to those who wait. Carry Jade for fertility or good luck and know your abundance is on the way. 

Lucky Day:29th May

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

Good times are here again! There may be a happy event or holiday that is on its way very soon. It’s time to kick your heels up, put those records on and enjoy letting your hair down at last! You deserve to be happy. 

Lucky Day:15th May

Lucky Crystal: Amethyst 

Faerystone: Happy Face

It’s time to open your heart once more to new possibilities and beginnings Pisces. You may have found it very difficult to trust, but there are gorgeous people with kind hearts beginning to fill your life again. It’s time for you to enjoy your life and to make plans once more. Stop hiding yourself away. Get out there and seize the day.

Lucky Day: 11th May

Lucky Crystal: Moldavite 

Faerystone: Heart 

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