Faeryscopes for October 2023

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It’s spooky season! You are feeling the winter rolling in! Allocate some rest time for your body before the Christmas rush begins! It may be time to start planning or setting boundaries for the holiday season ahead! 

Planning is key this month. 

Lucky Day:  10th October 

Lucky Crystal:  Fluorite

Your inner Stevie Nicks is loving the dark nights and strong energy! Trust your vibes this month. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed from your original impression of a person. Time will tell. You may feel drawn to purchase some strong crystals for your energy shields. 

Lucky Day:  23rd October 

Lucky Crystal:  Amber 

You may have a sense of deja vu or synchronicities will surround you this month. It feels as if there been an intense chapter of karmic clearing being done & you are finally ready to move on / cut chords etc 

Give yourself credit for

How far you’ve come! 

Lucky Day: 22nd October 

Lucky Crystal:  Lemurian Quartz 

Your patience may wear thin this month. You have no time for excuses or half truths. 

If you can’t say it to a persons face don’t put it in a text! You’re on fire this month! Make sure you are coming from a place of responsibility & fairness. It’s powerful to connect with your

Anger , just make sure it’s for the right reasons! 

Lucky Day:  24th October 

Lucky Crystal: Fire Opal 

When the vibes are off the vibes are off! Don’t force yourself to like someone when it feels forced. Instead , step back & observe. Know there is a spiritual lesson at work. Always be kind but take your common sense with you! 

Lucky Day: 28th October 

Lucky Crystal: Black Obsidian 

Music will lift your soul this month, so play it as often as possible! It’s also a way a loved one in spirit is trying to give you a sign! A song can hold core memories of happier times. It’s their way of letting you know how loved you are and that you are being watched over. When was the last time you danced? 

Lucky Day: 24th October 

Lucky Crystal: Larimar 

You are amazing at giving advice , except you might want to take your own advice for a change! If you find yourself in a pickle this month, don’t let pride stop you from asking for help! 

Look after your mental health. It’s ok not to be ok! 

Lucky Day: 29th October 

Lucky Crystal:  Labradorite 

You may find yourself taking a trip down memory lane. Don’t allow melancholy to settle. Thank the past for

The memories and bring the lessons forward. Keep your heart soft for new people & opportunity that’s coming your way. You deserve to be happy!

Lucky Day: 13th October 

Lucky Crystal: Malachite 

Your get up and go may have got up and left!

Stop pushing and punishing yourself to get so much done. Watch your inner critic. Prioritise what’s important, everything else can wait until your engine is back up and running once more! Pay attention to someone draining your energy and ignoring a boundary. 

Lucky Day: 5th October 

Lucky Crystal: Peach Moonstone 

It’s full steam ahead this month for you!

It’s a great time to get things done! You might find

yourself attacking D.I.Y. Projects or gutting out a wardrobe! Make hay while the sun shines! 

Put your tunes on and get to work!

Later this month will see your patience pay off! 

Lucky Day: 12th October 

Lucky Crystal:  Ruby 

A soak in the bath or long cleansing shower can do wonders for your energy.

Invoke archangel Michael & st Germaine to protect your energy this month. Visualise your aura in a cocoon of blue light. Carry clear Quartz with you. This month act on your intuition and trust those vibes. The universe is listening.

Lucky Day: 21st October 

Lucky Crystal: Aquamarine 

It may be time to pick up an old hobby or get serious about a new one. Your social battery has been out of whack since the pandemic. It’s time to get back out there again.  If you don’t enjoy it , then try something else. You will either find a way or an excuse! Your happiness is in your hands. 

Lucky Day: 9th October 

Lucky Crystal: Pearl 

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