Faeryscopes for December 2022

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Luck is on your side Aries. This month sees you put 2022 into perspective. You are feeling productive this holiday season. Give gratitude for the lessons learned and look forward to 2023 with hope in your heart. 

Lucky Day: 14th December

Lucky Crystal: Carnelian 

Faerystone: Happy Face 

Travel is on the cards for you Taurus. You may be taking in the sights & smells of a Christmas market or booking adventures for 2023. Make sure you take time out for yourself to recharge during this festive season. Look forward to new opportunities in 2023. 

Lucky Day:  19th December

Lucky Crystal:  Blue Lace Agate 

Faerystone: Boat 

When the black cat crosses your path, there is luck in store for you! The universe is working in your favour. Look out for synchronicities & lucky coincidences. You are being guided in the right direction. Trust your gut! 

Lucky Day: 21st December

Lucky Crystal:  Fluorite 

Faerystone: Black Cat 

Abundance is winging its way to you Cancer! There could be a financial reprieve or unexpected windfall coming your way. Save your pennies for a rainy day. Try to balance your finances this month and your January bank balance will thank you! 

Lucky Day:  24th December

Lucky Crystal: Black Tourmaline 

Faerystone: Money Sign 

This Faerystone can signify delays and setbacks. Patience is needed when the blank Faerystone appears on your spread. 

It’s time for you to look for a second opinion or simply wait it out. Do not try to force an issue or an answer from someone. 

Lucky Day: 27th December

Lucky Crystal: Citrine 

Faerystone: Blank Faerystone

After the rain comes the rainbow. The Rainbow is a symbol of hope & good luck. It’s also a gorgeous sign from spirit that you are being looked after. 

You may hear songs that bring back memories or come across old photos from happy times. You are being given a validation that your loved ones in spirit are at peace. 

Lucky Day: 25th December

Lucky Crystal: Amethyst 

Faerystone: Rainbow 

A loved one in spirit is watching over you. You are being guided. Christmas can be a difficult time when you are missing a loved one. Celebrate it your own way. Be gentle with yourself. Our loved ones in spirit walk with us and want us to be happy. It’s time to create new memories as you carry them forward in your heart.

Lucky Day: 30th December

Lucky Crystal:  Clear Quartz 

Faerystone: Robin 

Change is on the way! Hold on to your hat as 2023 will have a lot in store for you. It’s time for you to put plans in motion that may come into fruition next year. 

Be careful with your finances over Christmas as you need financial balance for the coming year. 

Lucky Day: 22nd December

Lucky Crystal: Smoky Quartz 

Faerystone: Butterfly 

It’s ok not to be ok. You may be grieving a loved one or going through a separation. Christmas can sometimes be a reminder of happier times. Be gentle with your mental health this holiday season. Be clear with your boundaries and only surround yourself with people that have your best interests at heart. You deserve to be happy. 

Lucky Day: 31st December

Lucky Crystal: Bumblebee Jasper 

Faerystone: Sad Face 

Tempers May fray this holiday season. Try and minimise the amount of interactions you have with overwhelming in-laws / family members etc. Try and plan gift drop offs or delegate with a partner / family member time spent with difficult individuals. It’s time to draw a boundary line. It’s your Christmas too! 

Lucky Day: 23rd December

Lucky Crystal:  Tiger’s Eye 

Faerystone: Eye of Horus 

Contracts or legal issues may need to be attended to. It may be time to double check a contract or legal document. 

You may receive a long awaited letter of significance. Don’t react . Get a second opinion. 

The devil is in the detail. 

Lucky Day: 26th December

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz 

Faerystone: Scales of Justice 

Raven carries the energy of the ancestors. You are being protected by your loved ones in spirit. It’s time to move forward and create a legacy of your own. You deserve to be happy. Your intuition is being heightened. Certain people or situations may feel ‘off’ to you. Trust your gut & act accordingly. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend. 

Lucky Day: 21st December

Lucky Crystal: Cherry Quartz 

Faerystone: Raven 

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