Faeryscopes for July 2022

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Luck is in the air for you this month, Aries. It may be time to take a chance, or indeed get back out and socialise again. Time waits for no one. It’s time for you to start making memories.

Lucky Day: 15th July

Lucky Crystal: Fluorite 

Faerystone: Shamrock 

It’s time to add balance into your life this month, Taurus. You may have been overdoing it or tipping the scales. It may be time to balance your mind and body. Rest up and immerse yourself in nature, slow down. 

Lucky Day:  29th July

Lucky Crystal: Tigers Eye 

Faerystone: Scales 

You need to believe that you deserve good things. Good things happen to good people like you. Carry Citrine with you to increase your abundance. Know good times and good people are just around the next corner. 

Lucky Day: 22nd July

Lucky Crystal: Citrine 

Faerystone: Happy Face 

The abundance is yours to claim! Know that lucky coincidences and synchronicities are winging their way to you this month. Luck is in the air and know you deserve to be happy. It’s time to take a chance on some thing or some one new. 

Lucky Day:  23rd July

Lucky Crystal: Green Jade 

Faerystone: Stork

This month is great for your finances. You may be paying off a holiday or a down payment etc. It’s wonderful to see things finally come together for you. Also, hearing a voice from the past makes you realise how far you have come. 

Lucky Day: 20th July

Lucky Crystal: Aventurine 

Faerystone:  Money Sign 

This month will see you trusting your gut and acting on the wisdom of the past. It may be time to set a boundary or set somebody straight. Nobody is pulling the wool over your eyes this month. 

Lucky Day: 20th July

Lucky Crystal: Lapis Lazuli 

Faerystone:  Eye of Isis 

There may be travel plans for you this month, or indeed you will be meeting up with someone who has travelled to see you. This is a great month for social interaction and feeling a weight being lifted off your shoulders. Good times are here again. 

Lucky Day: 27th July

Lucky Crystal:  Sodalite 

Faerystone: Boat 

This is a great month for you setting the record straight. Being very clear in your communications. Letting those around you know where they stand with you. Silence is an answer, make no mistake.

Lucky Day: 19th July

Lucky Crystal: Lemurian Quartz 

Faerystone: Chalice 

Rainbows signify hope and blessings. For you to receive this Faerystone, means that there will be blessing surrounding you this month and good news reaching you from far ashore. There is also a celebration / wedding / birthday that will bring a very welcome reunion with a face from the past. This month is to be enjoyed. 

Lucky Day: 30th July

Lucky Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone 

Faerystone: Rainbow 

This is a month for you to define a boundary. Take no nonsense this month and be very clear in communicating where your boundary lies. It feels as if you might be standing up for yourself and walking away from situations or people that no longer serve you. Fate favours the brave. 

Lucky Day: 28th July

Lucky Crystal: Black Tourmaline 

Faerystone: Storm Cloud 

A Raven is a sign of protection. Know your ancestors are walking with you this month. There may be an anniversary or birthday surrounding your family. You are being watched over by Spirit. You may receive certain signs, music or smells that connect you to a loved one in Spirit. know you are being watched over and that they are at peace, minding you always.

Lucky Day: 22nd July

Lucky Crystal: Black Obsidian 

Faerystone:  Raven 

Your heart requires looking after emotionally, spiritually and physically. What have you done that has brought your heart joy today? It may be time to play a favourite song, eat a favourite food or connect with somebody that makes your heart sing. It’s important you look after yourself and show yourself some kindness. Look after yourself. 

Lucky Day: 17th July

Lucky Crystal: Rhodochrosite 

Faerystone: Love Heart 

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