Faeryscopes for March 2023

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This month will see your abundance come in spades. It’s a great time to play the Lotto. Know you deserve to be happy and watch the energy around you as you lift your vibration. Play the music you love; watch the films you enjoy and surround yourself with people that lift your spirit. See the energy change around you. 


Lucky Day: 17th March 

Lucky Crystal:  Citrine

This month sees you in full worker mode Taurus. You may be ploughing ahead into a new project or new goal. Your energy is high. You are in high achiever mode! Just make sure you pace yourself and avoid burnout! A little a day towards your goal will make all the difference by the end of this year. Lady luck is on your side. 

Lucky Day:  19th March 

Lucky Crystal:  Rose Quartz

Gemini, your gut is correct regarding a situation facing you this month. If the vibes are off, trust them! You may need to set healthy boundaries or be very clear with an individual of where they stand with you. No, is a full sentence. 

Lucky Day: 22nd March 

Lucky Crystal:  Amethyst

Look after yourself this month, Cancer. It’s okay not to be okay. You may not be in full power mode right now. It’s equally important you rest and eat well. Your strength will return soon. In the meantime, take advantage of this low energy spell by looking after yourself and your mental health. Take it easy and delegate wherever you can. 

Lucky Day: 24th March 

Lucky Crystal: Smokey Quartz

This month sees you focusing on your health. You may be engaging in a fitness plan or looking at healthy eating aspects in your diet. It’s great to get outside in the fresh air and make sure you are hydrating! This month will see your energy increase because of these new habits. You are also in a much better space and a more positive outlook. Opportunities come knocking around the 28th, so you must be in the right frame of mind to accept them 

Lucky Day: 28th March

Lucky Crystal: Malachite

This month sees you connect with family and friends. There may be a birthday, celebration or a good old-fashioned catch up. It’s so important for you to mix and mingle and lift that gorgeous Virgo soul. A lovely connection around your Angels or sign from spirit this month will lift your spirits. Watch out for those white feathers. You are loved. 

Lucky Day: 12th March 

Lucky Crystal: Selenite

This month sees you being very assertive. You will be speaking your truth and being very clear about what you are looking for. The mantra for this month is work smarter not harder. You may be quite assertive when it comes to certain issues, but in your downtime, you need to be chilled, relaxed, have some TLC and self-love. Strive for balance this month. Put that foot down on the pedal when you need to.

Lucky Day: 29th March

Lucky Crystal:  Labradorite

This month sees you take a romantic trip with a partner. If you are single, it means get out and mingle, as there could be a chance meeting or a date coming your way. Larimar is the crystal of the twin flame, so it is beautiful energy this month for romance, connection and finding time for your significant other. If you’re single, it is about putting that light on and making sure people know that you are available!

Lucky Day: 30th March

Lucky Crystal: Larimar

This month sees you with outdoor pursuits. If you are a gardener, you could be spending a lot of time out with a gardening project, or simply clearing the garden and getting it ready for the Summer. Any outdoor pursuits this month will really raise your vibration and bring a sense of peace and perspective around you. If you find yourself ungrounded, get outside for a quick 10 minute walk and you will find the answers in nature.

Lucky Day: 5th March

Lucky Crystal: Garden Quartz

Boundaries will be a theme for you this month. Stay in your power and try not to be reactive. Do not apply emotion to text messages! If you have something to say, say it to their face. No is a full sentence.

Lucky Day: 14th March 

Lucky Crystal:  Black Tourmaline 

You are in a clear-out mode! This month will find you blitzing the house, decluttering or redecorating to your hearts content. You are clearing the way energetically for new people & opportunities to enter your life! Harmony will be restored by the 25th.

Lucky Day: 16th March 

Lucky Crystal: Aquamarine

Happy Birthday Pisces! Your energy is on a high this month! You will be able to manifest at a faster rate and see the results almost immediately! You also may be booking a holiday or looking into travel plans this year! Take a chance this month as there’s adventure in the air. 

Lucky Day: 10th March 

Lucky Crystal: Strawberry Quartz

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