I never talk about my mentors as sadly I’ve had very painful & valuable lessons from them. I would not change a single thing about those lessons as I wouldn’t be the person I am now, and I wouldn’t be able to give the insight I have without them.

I learned the lesson of forgiveness from my best friend who bought my website domain behind my back & slandered my character as they had felt I’d become ‘too big for my boots’ and took it upon themselves to ‘teach me a lesson I wouldn’t forget’.

I had to forgo a .com domain name and establish .ie which in turn made all my transactions to be declared and my business to become more regulated.

After the betrayal, years later I understood their resentment of me. I’m able to cherish the laughter, the chats and the preciousness of that friendship. I still wear my bracelet.

I will carry the memory of what was forever in my heart.

Moments before I stood on stage with another mentor…they asked me had I yet linked in with spirit. I could feel the hum of the audience and the excitement of spirit stepping through…the name ‘john’ popped into my head, closely followed by ‘Dad’, then ‘cancer’.

I was ready to work!

I relayed this to my mentor as we stepped on to the stage with rapturous applause from the audience. My mentor informed the audience we were going to bring in two links from spirit.

They asked the audience,

“I’ve a gentleman called John, standing beside me, he’s a dad and he passed with cancer….who do you have Fiona?”

You really can’t make this shit up! I remember the song Gloria in my head and immediately knew I had a lady called Gloria and a cancer connection. If it wasn’t for my complete love & trust in spirit , my ego would’ve put me in panic mode and I would’ve been frozen to the spot like a deer in the headlights.

My faith in spirit carried me through. I learned the lesson of trust in that moment.

Again, years later I can see the lesson so clearly and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Betrayal never comes from a stranger…it’s always at its most potent when it’s from someone you love or hold in highest regard.

We have all been betrayed at some point, indeed you may have been the betrayer.

The lesson is at its most valuable when you can integrate it into the fabric of your life…rather then it becoming a martyrs center piece or let bitterness rot you from the inside out.

Years later I had a phone reading with my former mentor. It was one of the most inaccurate readings I’d ever had and during it they said statements such as “you must be so frustrated you’re not famous by now”.

I thanked them for their time and knew I would never be in contact with them again, as I realized we were world’s apart in what each other’s definition of success was.

I saw how cutthroat it was amongst ‘celebrity’ mediums and I wanted no part of it.

I can happily stand here today and say my success as a Medium has been through hard work and word of mouth.

People are drawn to me as a psychic intuitive as they know I don’t judge and will hold a space for them to acknowledge their truth.

My success, is at being able to communicate love. To being honest with my family. To loving them and myself as best I can, in a balanced, principled & wholesome way.

In letting the people I love, know I love them. In being grateful in the present moment. I’ve watched good people die and was given the gift of gratitude as a result.

That’s success.

I’m not going to have the world’s most accurate psychic on my tombstone…..the speeches in my funeral analogy won’t be about my career. It will be about how I loved and how I was able to express that love in this lifetime…

©️Fiona Ní Mhuirri

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