Hi Faerytribe 


So happy to see August! July was a month of hospital stays and really feeling the limits of this human body! 

I’m going to spare you all the saga, but I’ve come out of this intense month with a profound gratitude. 

In times of crisis your loved ones rally. I have never felt so loved and supported by my family, friends , neighbours & my Faerytribe. 

I have never known physical pain in my life to the degree I experienced it in so many ways, over the last month. 

Whoever has my voodoo doll…can you just give it a cuddle? 


Nurses should rule the world. If we had nurses at the front there would be no wars or suffering. 

Doctors do not run hospitals…they do. Anyone who says differently…has never worked in a hospital before. 

I marvelled at the speed & efficiency they move at. Their senses of humour and above all….their kindness. 

I had some rough nights with pain management (blood clots in left lung, nasty chest infection & torn inter-costal muscles!) I felt you wince there…! 

I had to speak up to get help and help I got. 

Teresa & my sister Tania are my Florence nightingales! 

I’ve cut down on a lot of editing/ filming etc until I don’t look like I went ten rounds with a badger! 

As I was lying in my hospital bed, there was so much suffering around me. In that suffering you find your strength. I made a great friend in my hospital roomie that was trying to get sober. We both had sons that same age & she was a successful business woman until alcohol destroyed everything. 

We had some great chats, which really helped the long days fly by. There were so many characters in my ward. You never know what someone is going through unless you walk a mile in their shoes. 

There was one very special person I want to mention and it’s a healthcare assistant called Tammy. We keep bumping into each other every time I’m in hospital! 

She’s one of the Faerytribe and you could hear her singing before she reached the ward. If there ever was a definition of a Ray of light in human form…it’s her! 

Kindness has carried me this month. I understand & accept this is part of my lesson. There was a few temper tantrums and yes…I did throw my collective toys out of the cot! As this last year has literally felt like one step forward..3 steps back!!! 

However, returning to my readings brings a peace into my body. The structure & routine have been fantastic for my mental health. 

I’m taking it one day at a time. 

I’m finding new things to be grateful for in every day. Cat head bumps & husky cuddles are a treat! I’m taking a break from the news and focusing on reading & listening to my hang drum music! 

Sometimes the negative in life can overwhelm us and it can be easy to feel as if you’ve been cursed. But why not you? We are all here to have this experience called life. There will be some horrible lows and wonderful ups. It’s our choice how we handle it. It’s just a bad day….not a bad life! So today I’m grateful. For the love that surrounds me. For being so blessed to be able to do what I love and love what I do. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your love & support. May it be returned to you tenfold. In the words of the Persian poet Hafiz:

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness. The astonishing light of your own being”. 


  • Fiona , sending you good health and best wishes . Please look after yourself💗 it’s so hard to get back on track after been so sick . Your an amazing person and always healing others with your amazing work now time to heal yourself. Thank you for acknowledging us nurses 💖 some days are really hard and emotionally draining especially on days when we simply can’t provide as much care as we would like when we are just so overrun . Big hugs and take care . 🙂


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