Pets in Spirit  – The loss of a pet is only something people with pets understand.

From my earliest memory I’ve been surrounded by dogs. There are photos of me as a toddler between the paws of our families’ German shepherd, Sultan. I was a puppy handler when my folks did the show circuit as a child. My mum also ran a boarding kennel business. My sister and I got to learn about different breeds from all over the world. Let me tell you I would happily get into a cage with a Rottweiler, Doberman , mastiff etc then have me within an inch of a chihuahua!!!!! 

If my specialty is the human spirit , then my mothers is the animal spirit. My mother has been known to tame the most feral wildest cat and soothe the angriest dog! Horses love her too. Her Arabian stallion Apollo follows her around like a puppy! 

Since I’ve always been surrounded by animals, it’s always helped me connect with my clients pets in spirit. I’ve connected with cats, dogs, horses and one time this beautiful iguana came through. His owner them pulled up her sleeve to show me the tattoo of the iguana that ran the length of her arm & shoulder as that was were he loved his snuggles! 

Usually towards the end of a sitting I will mention pets who appear or a client will shyly ask if there’s a four legged family member there! I’ve noticed that because I post so much about my pets (Koda, Gizmo & Luna should have their own Instagram accounts at this point!) , my clients feel comfortable opening up

About their grief about losing a furry member of their family. 

People who don’t have pets simply don’t understand those of us that do. 

It’s not simply just a dog. 

The animals in my family are furry family members not pets. 

The term pet almost sounds demeaning. If you have a cat, you realise this. Cats train you, not the other way round! 

No matter how they entered your life, the love they bring into our hearts is one of the greatest joys of all. Dogs teach us so much. They teach us to be truly present in the moment. Anyone who’s held a stick or tennis ball aloft can feel the giddy anticipation of your furball! You are fully brought into the moment and their joy at the simplest of actions. 

Whatever has been on your mind is placed on the backburner as you become totally present to their joy! 

The amount of times I’ve had chats with cows in a field as I walk past their gate, as Koda has stubbornly refused to move until he has stood there having a good look and sniffing the air! 

When I fill his paddling pool (he’s a husky!) to help him cool down, he waits until it’s almost full before he completely drowns me! I could lose myself in those trusting brown eyes that can also dance with divilment when one of my cats pads around the corner! 

Being present in these moments , brings perspective into our lives. Stressful issues such as taxes & audits, begin to lose their grip. Don’t get me wrong these things are important in running a business or paying your tax, but in the grand scope of life are not what matters. 

My sister’s cairn terrier Nova passed to spirit at 1am on June 18. Literally an hour after her birthday on the 17th. 

We were with here when she passed. She had several stokes over a week long period. There wasn’t an article my sister hadn’t read or YouTube video she watched on strokes, hydrotherapy for pets, infra red treatment… you name it, she researched it. 

If love would’ve saved her, she would’ve lived forever. 

The decision was made when she deteriorated further, she knew she had done everything possible to make her as comfortable as possible. 

If you have to make the heartbreaking decision to put your pet to sleep. Stay with them until the end. Stay as calm as possible, do not let their last moments be you wailing or even worse with strangers. 

Let them leave this world knowing how loved they were. 

Know this, they will be meet by your ancestors in spirit and I’ve had many a furry member in spirit come through with other relatives dogs etc

They are completely at peace. 

Let yourself grieve. Talk about your dog with other animal people. Do not allow pass remarkable, judgemental idiots Shame you on your loss. If anything it shows their true character , so take note. 


To belong to a dog means you have the most precious supply of unconditional love that exists.

They leave paw prints across your heart forever and that is the greatest gift of all. 

(C) Fiona Ní MHUIRRI 

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