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Fiona posts inspirational pieces of writing, poetry, humour on her Facebook page. It’s also where you will find her Facebook live show @ 10pm every Monday (Irish Time). You will also find Latest tour dates, classes, demonstrations & if you’re lucky…last minute cancellations are posted here! Click on the link for Fiona Faery Facebook page.

Fancy an inspirational tweet to lift your day? Then look no further… Follow Fiona on Twitter for upbeat positivity that’s sure to light you up! Click on the link below to be Taken to Our Tweets!

One of Fiona’s favourites! She posts daily oracle card messages, inspirational cards, Crystal info etc! Fiona’s Snapchat fam also get a bonus card chosen, after her live Facebook show on Monday night! She has given tutorials, insights & competitions from this interactive space. She encourages you to screenshot your daily card & regularly interacts with her Faery followers! Join us!

This page has a personal touch, as Fiona shares uplifting photos & images from her personal life. From her Hobbies, coffee addiction, favourite quotes etc. If you are looking for an extra insight into our favourite Faery…this is the place! Click on the link to be taken to our Instagram page 

We receive a large volume of questions here @ Faery Hq! Fiona decided to do a series of videos on some of the most popular topics. This series will expand greatly in 2017. So if you were wondering how to spot signs from spirit, how to cleanse your oracle cards, look no further. Please subscribe, click notifications so you will be notified of new post.

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