My two cats sit either side of me purring contentedly as I type. It’s late afternoon and the sun is shining brilliantly.  The water cascading from my garden fountain joins the hum of garden lawn mowers and birds chirping cheerily.

My husky Koda is stretched out fast asleep, his back leg occasionally twitching as he hunts imaginary rabbits in his sleep. My body is tired. A combination of early mornings for the gym and my summer tour coming to an end means my body is signalling me to slow down.

The older I get the  more I love spending time in nature.

The more I need it to destress and detox.

Family issues irritating you , do some weeding, dead head

Some roses. Boss grinding your gears, do some power hosing. Writers block, buy some solar lights and see your inner child rejoice as they come on at night.

I’m beginning to find the garden holds a sacred contemplative space for me, as the answers I wasn’t even consciously looking for find me as I’m rhythmically digging,  planting and weeding. The more I ground my energy into the earth the more in touch I am with my physicality. I understand my limits and I know if I’m going to spend the next hour power hosing, I will need to soak for as long as that in the bath later! (Of which I have no problem doing!)

I’m aware of my bodies needs. Too often we disassociate

And throw the problem over our shoulders for our future selves to contend with. When you become present to your breath and the flow of energy through your being , you can intuit where your body is telling you it needs attention.

As we get older we become more aware of our mortality , perhaps we have lost people we love , been at the bedside of those we love or even had health scares ourselves.

We begin to open our eyes to the world around us. The invisible world of connection and manifestation. We begin to notice the synchronicities and serendipitous moments that simply cannot be chalked down to happenstance or coincidence. Some people spend their life looking at the stars and not realising that if they grounded themselves and connected with their soul vibration they would discover the universe within them….

Anyways back to my Faery garden and the sacredness within. Have a wonderful July



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