It’s November….

Did we all collectively hop on a time machine & find ourselves at the end of the year! 

Goodness That year Flew! 

I hope you are looking after yourself after such a strong energetic shift. That recent eclipse at the end of October had such strong electrical storms surrounding it. Instagram glitched , wifi was down, computers crashed etc. 

We even had such intense Mercury retrogrades! (I now have a mug with ‘M.R made me do it!!) 

Speaking of mugs my first ever collab hit the spiritual shelves ! 

Thank you all for your support & for those buying them as Christmas presents!!! 

I suppose I can say the ‘C’ word now! 

I’ve had a very intense year. 

I’ve come through it with such a respect for my body. You guys know how much I love my nurses, but in every demonstration I hosted, it was always these gorgeous souls that asked me how I was doing. 

Which always throws me! 

I started personal training at the beginning of October and have such a wonderful instructor. 

I haven’t posted about it on my social media as I would like to be there awhile,  so I can honestly talk & share the experience etc. 

I’m eating healthily etc. 

I also don’t want to bore you to death either. There’s nothing like a brush with the grim reaper twice in one year to make you sit up & take note! 

To those that read this, thank you for your support. I see you and appreciate you. 

This year has been intense and as I look at my clients lives it has been a rollercoaster of a year. Some are having the year of their lives with new jobs, homes, babies, marriages etc 

Whereas sadly the flip side of that is the direct reverse to it. 

Bad things happen to good people.

Sometimes in life, people impose their free will on others with disastrous consequences. It does not mean it was meant to happen to you or that you are cursed. It simply means your ship has run into stormy seas. By the end of your voyage you may have to go it alone & will know the value of loyalty & courage under fire. 

Or not. 

It really is your choice how you react. I can’t stand spiritual white washing. ‘It wasn’t meant to be’. It invalidates a persons experience. Sit with them. Listen. If you are unsure -Ask if they want advice / or you to simply sit with them. 

Don’t spiritually white wash a situation. 

You have no Idea how many times I’ve seen this being done. 

I feel It simply translates into :- 

I don’t have the maturity to deal with this so I will get you to shut up by shaming you into silence. 

I’ve also seen people trying to out-grieve each other. 

Yes. It happens. 

I see it in a lot of larger families & it can open up a Pandora’s box of buried resentments within a family dynamic. 

Mind yourself. 

You have a right to grieve in whatever way works for you. 

Some anniversaries are heavier than others. Don’t try & Shame yourself into being positive. 

Sit with your grief. Allow the waves to come. 

You won’t drown but you will unlock a part of your trauma that you may have been keeping at bay. That’s the thing with suppressed grief, it’s like a rat scratching at a floor board. You know it’s there, but never know when it might make an appearance. It’s usually always when you least expect it. A random song , an innocent question , an ad on the Tv….and you are in free fall. 

Grief is the price we pay for love, but some of that love must be reflected back to yourself. 

As the festive season approaches, mind those triggers & set about creating new memories with your loved ones. 

Have Christmas on your terms! 

See you in December! 


Fiona x 

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