I can never eat before a demonstration. I have breakfast that morning, and usually after 11am the energy starts to build. It starts like butterflies in my tummy. Clients feel it before a sitting. I tell them it’s the energy building before a reading. It’s a great indicator of genuine energy. No matter who the reader or therapist is, if you have these butterflies beforehand…energy is building. Momentum is gathering. 

On the day of a Dem (Demonstration), by 4pm my tummy is doing belly flips!

I’m usually hyper & I busy myself with music that I love. This is usually the time that I will hear certain pieces / songs that will return to me on stage later. 

Spirit never fail to amaze me as I hear a particular song on the radio on that day, only for me to be able to recall it as I can hear it again internally (clairaudiently)that night. The difference a song makes to an audience member as evidence of their loved ones taste in music, or a song that was played at their funeral cannot be underestimated. 

Music is powerful. 

By the intermission I know where I am. I can see the audience glowing like ready brek adverts! Their auras shimmering in the dimmed lighting. I can see the cynics that have been dragged along, as their auras are close to their bodies protecting their energy instead of extended & shiny like the other audience members. 

Some audience members faces begin to physically change into the faces of their loved ones, as I connect with them! It’s how I can usually say – you have your dad’s eyes but your mum’s nose! As it’s very easy to see the difference in front of me! 

Beautiful lights or orbs surround mums that have babies in spirit. 

Expectant mums have a double aura around them. Their own & their babies! Nurses & carers have angels around them. They appear as massive beams of light. I truly believe nurses are Earth angels. They work such long hours. They deal with humanity at its worst and still can hold your hand & those of your loved ones in your darkest moments. 

All my carers, doctors, surgeons that have genuine hearts and do it for the right reasons have these beautiful sources of divine light that follow them. 

Healers have vocations and they are not easy pathways. 

I digress. I just love my nurses & care assistants! 

By the time the second half is over I start with a Q&A. The audience is comfortable with each other and I’m usually bombarded with a sea of curious questions. Everything from past lives to spirit visitations & signs from spirit! 

I then move into the final part of the show. It can be intense in parts as I find the more interesting characters tend to show themselves. I sometimes feel spirit know the window is closing so it’s a now or never to step through! 

I’ve no order how spirit steps through as I’m simply a messenger. 

After the Dem I always do a meet and greet with the Audience. It’s my way of saying thank you. 

It’s wonderful to put faces to the Faerytribe and connect with followers in real life! 

Sadly, there’s always one or two that will complain that their loved one didn’t come through and expect me to do a private 1-to-1 on the spot to appease them! 

Please don’t be this person. 

Not only is it really disrespectful to the medium, but there’s an entire queue behind you listening to the conversation. It’s not the time or place to connect with spirit. As a medium I cannot give it the time it deserves and if I connect with one person…..the next person will want it too! 

It does happen at times that spirit does come through, but it usually results in the person accompanying them to pout that they wanted a connection as well!!!!! Which takes the whole good out of connecting to begin with! 

Also did I mention there’s a massive QUEUE!!!!!! 

Thankfully it’s usually only a few that do this and I try and get to the end of the queue. With larger audiences this isn’t always possible as I can feel my energy begin to drop. I’m fully back in my physical body & I’m STARVING!!!! 

Myself, The Faery team who are my assistant Teresa & my dear friend Fiona grab a bite to eat! 

They remind me of some of the links they enjoyed. Fun fact my mind goes completely blank. I literally am a channel and as I start to come back into my physical body the details get very hazy to me. It’s also why I do meet & greets immediately after the show. I’m still in the energy and can recall the links easily but as I begin to ground myself it all begins to blur together. 

It’s not my information to hold on to. I am simply a channel. Nothing more and nothing less. 

I’m not a great sleeper but on dem nights I’m out for the count. 

The intense hyper focus that has surrounded me all day has left and tiredness envelops me.

The last thing I hear is either Luna or Gizmo rhythmically purring beside me as I drift into a soundless sleep….. 

Fiona Ní Mhuirri 

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