Occasionally I will come across someone who assumes I’m telepathic. I get asked for lotto numbers or if their husbands’ mothers’ sister will leave them anything in the will! 

These are the days I have to draw a very deep breath and explain I can’t predict lotto wins as the ratio of probability to predictably is impossible! 

Also asking questions on behalf of a third / fourth party is diluted so far from the authentic source! 

Then there are the stony silences, that even asking does my information make sense to them is perforated by another silence then ‘uh huh!’

Which is neither yes or no! 

Yes this actually does happen! 

Anyone that works in a service related industry and does not have the occasional issue with members of the public is lying! As it’s part & parcel of working with the public that every now & then you get a real beauty slip through the net. 

This usually happens to me during a Mercury in retrograde cycle!  I read worldwide and it’s one of aspects I adore about the variety I have in the everyday.

However about 2 times a year I will run into a very difficult person. I’m the first person to say that I’m not for everyone and there’s a medium for every person. 

Firstly , there is a right way and a wrong way to approach a sitting! As a medium I’m responsible for the energy I bring to a sitting. I make sure I’m rested and ready. My focus is on my client and I invoke in my guides and their loved ones in spirit as I get ready to take their call. The sitter is responsible for the energy they bring to a reading. Coming to a reading with a cynical attitude is a recipe for disaster as you’ve come in with a wall around you. Having pre conceived notions of what you want to hear as opposed to what is right for you to hear can be two very different things. I’m not telepathic! If I pick up on legal contracts / documents etc and you say no, 

I move on! Stopping me as I’m bringing the reading to a close to ask about a legal case etc , is directly misleading! 

This stems from the fortune teller attitude! Hide your rings and say nothing! You are responsible for the energy you bring to a sitting. 

I love what I do. I do my very best for my clients , but I’m not a miracle worker. If you come to a sitting distracted , with an attitude and a hostile energy , I will have picked that up before I even turn the first card! 

I can only stay positive for so long and my energy begins to pull back after talking into a stony silence! 

A simple – yes that makes sense 

No – that doesn’t make sense

Yes those names make sense 

Is all any decent reader needs. 

When I hear a chirpy Hello Fiona, my heart lifts and I want to do my very best for that client. I’m very protective of my clients and I read exactly how I would like to recieve a reading. 

I like to be as specific as possible , that’s my perfectionism!  When you approach a sitting with an open heart and genuine curiosity…powerful moments can happen. 

These are the moments I strive for. When my client trusts me and I push myself to give as much evidence as I possibly can. 

Next time you’re getting a reading , take responsibility for your energy. Be clear with your communication. Be honest with your reader. For when the dynamic between sitter & client is right….the sacred is present. 

It is an honour to be a witness and hold space in these moments. I will continue to endeavour in delivering that standard until my dying day! 

Have a great month 



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