Love is in the air…

February comes in with the promise of Spring and a wee stretch in the evenings.
We have settled into 2024 and have begun to get used to writing it in print!
February is my month to get my ass in gear, as January is my month of rest. I don’t do new years resolutions as I feel they come with a healthy side order of shame & guilt!
Whereas by the time February rocks around it’s time for me to implement the promises I made myself! This September I will walk the Camino de Santiago again. So this year I’m in training for it!
I’m also walking it alone! Which I have to be honest with you slightly terrifies me! It’s a bucket list thing I want to do!
I reckon if I can do this and move hotel every night, I can stay anywhere and it won’t bother me in the slightest!
As we get older, we can become very entrenched in our views and habits etc.
I’m having none of that this year!
I’m breaking out of my comfort zone and trying new things and meeting new people.
The ego is such a trickster! It will whisper in your ears that you’re safe & cosy at home. Why would you be putting that stress on yourself going out?
When in truth deep down you feel irritated and claustrophobic. There’s a whole wide world out there to explore and wonderful people to meet. Isn’t it amazing to  think that some of your best experiences and most memorable moments have yet to happen? If you’re single you’re yet to meet the love of your life. You may dream of traveling, of learning a new language and meeting people from different countries.
There’s so much adventure waiting for you.
On the home front , the first buds of spring are appearing. Some of you will be twitching to get out into your gardens again. It’s great to put on your warm coat and get outside to stretch your legs. Everywhere signs of life are appearing.
We are all collectively emerging from our caves, blinking in the sunlight and ready for whatever this year of the Dragon will bring.
Dragon energy is about change, focus , motivation & strength.
This may be the year those dreams you’ve cradled close to your chest become tangible. As you will be finely tuned to your intuition and spot the synchronicities the universe will send you.
However , in order to make your dreams come through you must physically act on those changes / hunches / nudges you recieve.
Nothing changes until something happens.
So what are you waiting for? This year is yours for the taking.
Chat soon
Fiona x

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